Why every print publication should also be a digital publication

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Print publications have character
Digital Publications may be the future. Yes, but the print magazines have a certain endearing quality about them. A print magazine is finite, i.e., you can read it “cover to cover”. The vibrant colors are, in most cases, better than screen resolution of a laptop or a PC monitor. In fact there is an entire set of reader behaviors such as tearing out articles, dog-ears to mark pages, flipping the pages to scan the pictures and headlines etc. that continue to define the strong if dwindling relationship between the print publications and its readers. Flipping pages, for example, can be much quicker than going to as many web pages on a site, not to overlook the fact that you must be online.

Compelling advantages of the digital publication
On the other hand, the advantages of Digital Publications are also well understood. Let’s begin with the readers who are spending increasing daily hours online with or without having access to the digital version of your publication. Another advantage in favor of digital publications is cost and speed of distribution. If its available online then a link or even a preview with table of contents can be emailed within minutes, and the readers are just a click away from your digital publication. Add to that a slew of benefits that were unthinkable prior to the availability to digital publications:
1. Embedding video and interstitial ads
2. Tracking the number of readers – unique and repeat
3. Growing your online ad inventory by serving IAB standard ads within and outside the digital publication pages
4. Capturing user view and interaction data such as page views, clicks – unique and repeat
5. The ability to instantly share the E-magazine with friends or colleagues
6. Reader interactivity such as ratings, sharing, and comments
7. Administrative features such as login requirement, preview of selected content, data capture, instant polls; and
8. Enabling ecommerce
The phenomenally low cost of publishing a digital magazine may be the knockout punch in the triumph of digital version over print version.

So how can you create a digital version of your print publication?
This is probably the simplest part. In fact, creating a trial version of your print publication to actually see and test the features and benefits of having a digital publication should be a part of your decision making process. All you need is a PDF of your print publication. You can set up a free trial account (no obligations) at PageTurnPro (www.pageturnpro.com). Once you have an account all it takes is to follow 3 easy steps: Upload the PDF; Configure your digital publication i.e., provide a short description and select features you would like to enable; Click CONVERT. It takes just minutes and you will have a URL for your digital publication which you can forward to your friends, colleagues or just embed in your emails or website. It is that simple.

About the Author: Hopefully this information is useful for you. If you need further clarification please visit our website at www.pageturnpro.com for more information.

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Why You Should Start In Magazine Publishing .... NOW

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The world of magazine publishing is enormous. So much so, that there quite literally is an opportunity for everyone, no matter what your interests.

There are currently around 10,450 different magazine titles in the UK. The majority of which aren't sold in most High Street newsagents. Around the world, there are estimated to be around 1.2 million different magazines published in over 200 languages .... although no one knows for sure!

This is also a business that is growing fast - fast - fast. Each year in the UK alone, around 360 new magazine titles are published. That's approximately one for every day of the year!

The demand for magazines is buoyant - and growing. Virtually every man, woman and child in the UK reads at least one magazine over the course of a month. Some surveys show that 95% of people read at least one magazine once a month, and there are almost 60 million people in the UK. Very few products have that kind of take up rate and, of course, most people read many more magazines than that.

Most importantly of all so far as the magazine publisher is concerned, customers are demanding more different and specific magazines to reflect their lifestyle and specific interests. So, even quite minor subjects of interest that would never have been published in the past are now becoming viable and spawning dozens of new, fresh and original magazine titles!

Magazine publishing also offers remarkable profit potential, since magazines are high value publishing products, offering high potential profits. Just a single copy of many popular magazines currently costs up to £3, so it is easy to work out how high the turnover of even quite a modest monthly magazine could be :

.... A minor magazine, with a circulation of just 10,000 copies, will turnover £30,000 a month or £360,000 a year.

.... A large magazine, with a circulation of 100,000 copies, will turnover £300,000 a month or £3.6 million a year.

.... A top magazine, with a circulation of 1 million copies, will turnover £3 million a month or £36 million a year!

And all this DOESN'T include the revenue which can be earned from selling advertising space in magazines .... many quite average magazines charge £25,000 or more for just one page of advertising!

Magazines Have Equity Value : This is one of the most important concepts you must know about when entering the magazine publishing industry. Quite simply, when you create and publish a magazine title that title becomes valuable in itself, as a well known and respected trading name. This 'equity value', as it is called, is quite separate from the asset value of, for example, your business premises and equipment.

And the equity value of a magazine can be very, very high indeed. The trading titles of top magazines periodically change hands for many millions of pounds. (It is reported that Felix Dennis, publisher of one of the biggest magazine success stories of recent years - men's magazine 'Maxim' - has turned down offers of US$100 million for his publication.) So, should you decide to sell your new magazine as a going concern in future it could make you very, very wealthy indeed - quite apart from the money you make from selling actual copies of your publication.

You Could Be The Publisher Of The Next 'Maxim' !

Make no mistake about it. It is possible.

As we've explained in this section, there's lots of potential in this growing industry. The rewards are there for those who are prepared to work for them.

And, it doesn't matter if you have no writing skills, or previous publishing experience - or where you live. All the skills you need can be learned on this course, or sourced from elsewhere - and you can run a successful magazine from a spare bedroom at home, just as well as anyone can from a city centre office.

The media and publishing business may sound complicated. But, remember, it is simply about compiling and selling information. And this is perhaps the most exciting thing : Once you have created and produced your magazine it could sell ten thousand copies - or it could sell one million copies - the basic groundwork is the same but your income is one hundred times more!

To help you hit the ground running you can grab a great magazine template from http://www.magazine-template.com and the majority of the hard work is done for you. All you need to do is write some articles or get them written for you, think up some great articles for your magazine, add some relevant photos and pictures, then sell advertising space and watch the money start rolling in month after month.

Please visit the following resources to find more out about publishing your own magazine, and how to hit the ground running with a professionally designed magazine template. http://www.magazine-template.com http://www.HowToPublishAMagazine.com

About the Author: Please visit the following resources to find more out about publishing your own magazine, and how to hit the ground running with a professionally designed magazine template. http://www.magazine-template.com http://www.HowToPublishAMagazine.com

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